A SPECIAL ISSUE BY L. PORDIE and J.-p. GAUDILLIERE (asian medicine, 2014 [©2015])

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Pordié, L.; Gaudillière, J.-P. eds. (2014). The Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry in India, Asian Medicine 9(1-2), 307 p. [©2015].

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Video presentation of the book, filmed during the morning discussion of the IFRIS (21 April 2016). 3'13"


Industrial Ayurveda: Drug Discovery, Reformulation and the Market
Laurent Pordié and Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Of Shastric Yogams and Polyherbals:  Exogenous Logics and the Creolisation of the Contemporary Ayurvedic Formulary
Harish Naraindas

Pervious Drugs: Making the Pharmaceutical Object in Techno-Ayurveda
Laurent Pordié

Inconspicuous Turmeric. Disguised Saliencies in the Hybrid Models of Pharmaceuticals
Francis Zimmermann

Sense and Evidence: Ayurvedic Experiments and the Politics of an 'Open-minded' Science
Ritika Ganguly

Contemporary Conversations between Ayurveda and Biomedicine: From Reformulating Drugs to Refashioning Parameters
Madhulika Banerjee

Herbalised Ayurveda? Reformulation, Plant Management and the 'Pharmaceuticalisation' of Indian 'Traditional' Medicine
Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Supply of Medicinal Raw Materials: The Achilles Heel of Today’s Manufacturing Sector for Ayurvedic Drugs in Kerala
Lucie Dejouhanet

Innovation Systems and Increasing Reformulation Practices in the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sector of South India
Harilal Madhavan


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